Gentoo Portage Overlay
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Viktoria Rei Bauer 5977daa58d net-misc/magic-wormhole: Add that 3 months ago
app-backup/urbackup-client Do not daemonize when forking 4 months ago
app-editors atom-bin bump. 4 months ago
app-emulation/snapd app-emulation/snapd: fix some issues of this issue 5 months ago
app-misc/openrazer app-misc/openrazer: digest 4 months ago
dev-libs/libgdata dev-libs/libgdata: Add Manifest 4 months ago
dev-util/icemon dev-util/icemon: Bump. 4 months ago
media-sound/amarok media-sound/amarok: add Amarok 4 months ago
metadata remove the md5-cache 8 months ago
net-dns/dnsdist net-dns/dnsdist: adapt init file to work with the current version 7 months ago
net-im/telegram-desktop-bin net-im/quaternion: depends on dev-libs/libqmatrixclient 7 months ago
net-libs/telegram-qt add telegram-qt bindings live ebuild 10 months ago
net-misc net-misc/magic-wormhole: Add that 3 months ago
net-news/feedreader net-news/feedreader: bump to 2.6.1 10 months ago
net-proxy/torsocks net-proxy/torsocks: add a patch against "Unsupported syscall number 217." 5 months ago
profiles mask dnsdist preview 1 year ago
scripts implement feature #6 8 years ago
sys-apps/varmon sys-apps/varmon: make repoman happy. 2 years ago
sys-devel sys-devel/dmucs: Initial commit 4 months ago
x11-drivers x11-drivers/displaylink-driver: Add missing files 5 months ago
x11-misc/razergenie x11-misc/razergenie: fix build path. I hate CamelCase 4 months ago
.gitignore .gitignore for a script 7 years ago add app-emulation/snapd for being able to use stuff 5 months ago


This is the internal Gentoo Linux Overlay of STARGAZER systems.

The goal of this repository is to maintain a few ebuilds which aren’t in tree or bump them a bit earlier for use on the local infrastructure.

Feel free to use this repository at your own risk

Adding this repository via layman:

Modify layman.cfg as follows:

overlays  :

then do a layman -S and layman -a stargazers and you are ready to roll.

Bugs and how to report them

Of course, my ebuilds here are not perfect. Indeed - most of them are “WORKSFORME”-Solutions. Feel free to submit pull requests, patches and comments.