An ark hybrid map. Home to all creatures from "The Island", "Scorched Earth", "Aberration" and "Extinction"
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An ark hybrid map. Home to all creatures from “The Island”, “Scorched Earth”, “Aberration” and “Extinction”


  • Bigger water area for water creatures of “The Island”
  • Desert or Savannah locations for “Scorched Earth” creatures and ressources
  • Bigger underground and Cave areas for “Aberration” content
  • City Terminals and stuff justifying “Extinction”



  • Radiation zone for justifying mutations as seen in Aberration
  • Extensively cold area for Rock-Drakes
  • Lava zones for Wyverns


  • Caves have to have multiple access tunnels
  • Element dust converts 1:1000 which means no extensive furniture and lamp post to whack


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